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Thyroid Support Services

With personal experience of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Ali knows first-hand how it feels to be dragging yourself through each day and the frustration of being told test results are normal when you feel far from normal! Having resolved her own symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes, Ali is passionate about helping others to get their energy and lives back too. Ali offers a selection of options for thyroid health support, examples are below but can be tailored to each individual - please book a free call to discuss what would work best for you.


Thyroid DNA Testing Package


Price includes test kit (mouth swab), LifeCode Gx Thyroid Balance DNA report analysing 25 genes related to thyroid health, plus a 30 minute one-to-one consultation to explain results and make dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

This comprehensive report is invaluable for anyone with a diagnosed or suspected thyroid condition, or family members wishing to assess their own genetic predisposition.  It not only looks at variants on genes DIO1 and DIO2 related to the conversion of thyroid hormone T4 to the active hormone T3, but also at several genes reflecting predisposition to autoimmune thyroid conditions and celiac disease, as well as genes relating to the transport and metabolism of thyroid hormones, the transport of Vitamin D, and activation of Vitamin A.  With knowledge of your unique genetic profile, in your one-to-one consultation, diet and lifestyle recommendations can be tailored to support any weaker areas and to optimise your thyroid function.

Click here if you would like to view a sample of the Thyroid Balance report you will receive. Results will be explained in the included one-to-one video consultation, along with providing dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 

Thyroid Empowerment Session


This one-to-one session taking up to 90 minutes is perfect if you wish to have a review of your thyroid health, understand more about your thyroid, how it works, and how to interpret your own thyroid blood tests, and to learn the best way to support your thyroid in terms of your diet and lifestyle.  


Prior to the session you will be asked to complete an online health questionnaire and food diary so that Ali can analyse this in preparation for your session, in order to personalise your dietary and lifestyle recommendations.  To get the most out of the session it is ideal if you have some recent thyroid blood test results. If you don't have any then Ali can advise on various testing options for you to consider should you wish to have testing done in advance of the appointment. 

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Thyroid Support Package


This package of 3 one-to-one sessions is for those who need more ongoing support than a one-off empowerment session.  Perhaps you are on thyroid medication but still suffer from symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, muscle aches, weight gain, and you want to work with someone in a more focussed way to alleviate these. 

Included in this package is one 90 minute initial consultation plus two 45 minute follow ups, as well as research, preparation and analysis time between those appointments.  Prior to starting you will complete a full health questionnaire and food diary to allow Ali to fully prepare and personalise a plan unique to your health requirements.  At each session you will be given manageable dietary and lifestyle recommendations to work on prior to the next appointment.  Dietary supplements and functional testing may be recommended - kindly note that costs of these is not included in the package price as they vary from person to person, but they will be optional and trade discounts will be passed on where possible.  

Free Thyroid Health Call


If you are not sure which thyroid service would be best for you, or require further information on any of the services, Ali would be very happy to meet you on a free no obligation video call to explain more about the options and to discuss your requirements. 

Click here to book.

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