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Nutrigenomic DNA Testing

Variations in your genes (called SNPs) can change the extent to which certain nutrients can help or hinder your health.

DNA testing can uncover potential food intolerances, help identify why you are lacking in energy, explain why certain medications may not work well for you, reveal a greater need for specific nutrients, and much more!

I offer a range of Lifecode Gx® DNA testing panels to give a valuable insight into various areas of health.  This allows your diet and lifestyle to be personalised to your unique genetic code, supporting your weaker areas and optimising your strengths. 

Genetic Testing Packages

I provide a full service including the test kit (a simple swab of inside your cheek), one or more test reports from the selection below, plus a one-to-one consultation to explain the results and make personalised recommendations. 

For further information, or to buy any of these tests, please book a free call or email

Genetic Testing - Step 1

Book a free call to discuss which DNA test reports would be be most beneficial for you, or email

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